Septarian Jewelry Collection!

Plush Collection of Septarian Nodule Jewelries!

Septarian nodule is the best gemstone that is used for health and other healing purposes. It is also referred to as a best grounding gemstone. It is associated with three chakras- Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakra.

Septarian nodule helps the wearer in the communication aspects in which he may be able to understand and hear the others.

In the healing terms, Septarian nodule heals the degeneration of muscles and bones and the body too. It removes all the nightmares, blocks the psychic attacks and other negative vibes.

The one who wants to enjoy the beneficial healing powers and other properties of this gemstone may grab necessary information. This is the only way which will assist him in taking an appropriate decision related to the best gemstone.

Opulent Septarian Nodule Jewelries!

The people used to wear different types of septarian nodule jewelry pieces that are designed in different patterns and shapes. Here we will also talk about some of the popular kinds of gemstone jewelries.

  • Septarian Nodule Necklace: The neck pieces that are usually picked by the females are- Collar that sticks at the middle of the neck and is worn with a off-shoulder outfit, Opera falls on the chest part and is generally worn with polo neck styled clothing, Plastron looks like a bib that covers the entire chest area so will go well with a simple dress and Twisted one is made by twirling many strands.
  • Septarian Nodule Ring: The rings are designed using many metals like sterling silver, gold, platinum, copper etc. The occasions decide the form of the rings that should be picked like a solitaire is picked for as an engagement ring and cluster for any holiday trip or kitty party. The shapes that are generally worn are beaded, eternity, stone studded, carved, bands, stacked and cocktail.
  • Septarian Nodule Earrings: The glamorous look of the earrings may get enhanced with jazzy hairstyles. The long earrings will go perfectly with knotted pony with straight hair and the pony with curly flakes will look nice with small sized studs. The chandelier, hoops and dangle falls in the category of long earrings and studs comes in the small sized category.
  •  Septarian Nodule Pendant: The shapes of the pendants that are common are Twirl in which a round stone is adjusted on a swing like shape, Lariat that is worn as a scarf with its two fallen strands, Tear drop in which a pearl like stone is hanged etc.
  • Septarian Nodule Bracelet: The wrist pieces are mostly worn with sleeve less dresses so that a complete view of the jewel piece may get visible. The patterns that are mostly chosen are beaded, stretched, chain, link, bangle, cuff, toggle clasp, omega and so on.

So, the one who wants to get some unique details about septarian nodules may read a descriptive article above. Some ideas of the gemstone jewelries are patterns are given with few examples. You may also follow some fashion trends that are mentioned related to hairstyles and dressing sense.

Septarian – Benefits, Power and Energy

Meaning of Septarian Nodules Gemstone!

Septarian Nodules is a concretion that contains the cracks or angular cavities that is known as “septaria”. This concretion is formed inside the layers of sedimentary deposits that are already filled with sandstone, chalk, limestone. This is the case of Septarian. Before the sediments get hard into a rock, this septarian is formed. The mineral rich liquid gets filled inside the cracks that form the crystals in the vacant spaces. There is a main difference between the concretion and nodules that the former is formed through the mineral precipitation around the nucleus whereas the later is an alternate body.

Septarian Nodules are also referred to as the dragon stone.

What are the metaphysical properties of Septarian Nodules?

There are various metaphysical properties of this stone. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It is good for overall well being and health.
  • This stone is also considered as a protective stone that grounds and defends the emotional, mental and physical self.
  • It is also helpful to offer the nurturing and calming environment.
  • It uplifts the spirituality and makes us feel joyful.
  • It assists us so that we may understand and hear the things easily.
  • It nurtures and enhances the communication skills so that the wearer may speak up with full confidence and without any fear.
  • It originates the kind energy and the feeling of love and care.
  • It makes us able so that we may understand the emotional feel of a person.
  • It makes us feel happier and better.
  • This stone intensifies the energy.
  • It also helps us so that we may find our correct direction towards the successful life.
  • This stone helps in throwing away the nightmares, blocks the psychic attacks.
  • It protects us from the negative energies and attracts the positive energy towards us.
  • It enhances and opens our psychic abilities.
  • It is related to various types of Chakras like Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root.
  • It heals our physical body rapidly so that you may feel healthy and wealthy.
  • It makes the wearer attentive to make him prepared always in order to defeat the upcoming problems.
  • It is also beneficial in the case of degeneration of muscles, bones and teeth.
  • In case you are suffering from any kind of disorders or diseases related to kidney and heart then this stone helps you to get rid of all these.

There are various healing properties also. This stone may be carried out when you are out for a business tour or an adventurous trip because it creates a protective shield around you that save you from any kind of mishap. This stone is also beneficial in the case of meditation process as it creates a calm and peaceful environment that is important for person in order to concentrate.

So, the new wearer may read the above innovative article so that he may get all the related information about Septarian Nodules